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Having Fun While Being Hot

There are a number of women who find it hard to combine being sexy with the idea of pure, clean fun when it comes to buying and wearing costumes for the Halloween. Here are some ways that you can be sexy without actually feeling skanky (and have pure, clean fun in the process):

  1. No matter what your costume is, make sure that it fits right. Although it might be tempting to wear something tight just so you would look sexy, keep in mind that doing so might even make you feel more uncomfortable.
  2. Make sure that you style your hair based on whatever costume that you have. There are some online shops that offer hair accessories that complement whatever your costume you are wearing.
  3. Highlight your features and create more drama with the right make-up. Having the right make-up can even help you in playing the part and reinforcing your costume’s theme.
  4. Since your costume alone would not be able to do everything for you, make sure you complete your look with the right costume accessories. This would include even the bag that you would be using.

Now that you’ve got the look down pat, all you have to do is flaunt on and do your sexy stuff wearing whatever costume you have.


Raising the Temperature

In a few weeks’ time, we would be celebrating one of the fashionably scary events of the year – Halloween! Of course, Halloween means a time for fashionably sexy statements. And what better way to raise temperatures than to go for a costume oozing with sex appeal.

Of all the popular Halloween costumes, nothing beats the demand for the nurse’s costume. It seems that most men find the caring and nurturing side of a nurse who is always around to assist you as hot and sexy.

5 pc nurse costume

If you are thinking of going as a nurse for your Halloween party, you might want to keep the following tips in mind:

  1. Plan your budget well. Keep in mind that nurse costumes can come in various materials as well as different designs. If you do not have a budget to buy a costume, you might want to consider renting one.
  2. If you are buying online, make sure that you know what your body size is. Keep in mind that you won’t be able to try on the costume. In line with this, make sure that the online store has a comprehensive Returns policy so that you can have the costume returned in case it does not fit you.
  3. Since costumes do not normally come with a pair of shoes, make sure that you buy one that complements your costume. This means, you would have to buy your shoes last in order to ensure that they match your costume.

Now you’re all set to raise the temperature to the roof!

Til next time, flaunt on!


5 Hottest Halloween Costumes

Yes, I know, hallow’s eve is definitely just around the corner so here’s a rundown of what you might want to wear in keeping with the theme:

  1. Since it’s halloween time, our first vote goes to the Pumpkin Witch Costume. The off-shoulder top and short skirt is perfect for those with wide hips and would like to create an illusion of proportion between the shoulders and the hips.
  2. Many people find the Vampire Queen costume eternally sexy. This costume usually includes a satin cape, a hat, a sexy top, and a ruffled skirt.
  3. Nothing beats the simplicity of Greek gods and goddesses costume. You can either go for long, flowing gown or go for the mini skirt.
  4. And since we’re on the topic of simplicity, another simple yet equally seductive costume is the schoolgirl costume. If you are in a hurry, you can browse through online sellers of costumes OR you can go through your stuff and find those long-forgotten school uniforms. With a little snip and sew, you’d have an instant costume. 
  5. Another hot option is to go as someone already hot and famous. You can choose from Madonna, Marie Antoinette, Marilyn Monroe, and Lady Gaga. If you’re a guy, you might want to try being Hugh Heffner, Donald Trump, P. Diddy or Valentino.

So what would you be?



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