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Tips for Choosing a Sexy Costume

In the mood for some sexy time? Then, there’s no need to wait for Halloween to come by!

 Halloween is not the only time to bring out those costumes. If you and your honey are feeling a little bit sensual, then you can on those sexy costumes and live out your fantasies! But how do you go about choosing which sexy costume to get?

The first thing that you need to settle is what your fantasy is all about. This would form the basis of what your costume would be. Some of the most common choices include Nun, French Maid, School Girl, Police Woman, and Farm Girl. You might also want to try going as your favorite cartoon character.

Take into consideration also your own limitations and personality. If you are not comfortable or do not look good in black, you might want to stay away from Goth or vampire costumes. If you are a bubbly type of person, then going in colorful fairy costume might be more appropriate.

How far are you willing to go? Some people are okay with just wearing the costume while some complete the look with the appropriate accessories. There are some shops that offer complementing shoes, hat, gloves, and even handcuffs for your costume.

Now that you know the things that you have to consider, go out and buy your own costume!

Till next time, flaunt on!


Halloween History

October 31 has always been, for most countries, a time to bring out those Halloween costumes. But have you ever wondered where the idea for Halloween came from?

Halloween claims its roots from Celtic traditions as part of their celebration of the feast of the dead. During the said celebration, they were known to dress up in order to prevent harmful spirits from venting anger to them. It has also been tied to the Ancient Roman celebration of the feast of Pomona. The Catholic faith, in an  effort to easily assimilate their doctrine to our forefathers’ practices claimed November 1 as an All Saint’s Day; hence, Hallowe’en or hallow’s eve.




Naughty Halloween Time

As kids, we use Halloween as an excuse to get our hands on mounds and mounds of chocolates and candies. It is also a special time for us to show off our costumes. As adults, however, priorities change and, instead of mounds and mounds of candies, we use Halloween as an excuse to wear something that can heat up the might.


One of the most common adult Halloween costume is that of the beer girls and bar maids. Many women prefer this because of the its subtle sexiness. Great for those adult parties that require a little modesty. This costume is usually made up of a knee-high or thigh-high hosiery, short, frilly skirt, and an off-shoulder top.

If you want one that is sexier, then you can go for the French Maid look. These costumes are also quite modest but shows off more skin than the bar maid. Costume is made up of thigh-high stockings, apron skirt and feather duster. Top could range from underwire bra with puffy sleeves to peasant tops. Oftentimes, matching panties are also included.


Another popular costume theme is Angels and Demons. These costumes usually come with halo and wings or horns and tails. Pitch forks are oftentimes included.

Some other costumes that you might also want to try include genies and belly dancers, goddesses, mobsters, nuns, and peasant girls.

So what will it be?

Till next time…Flaunt On!



Halloween’s just around the corner. You know what that means? Halloween pur-teys! That’s “party” for you dahlings!)

Here are some ideas to get you started:

  1. The scary but sexy look:
  2. 8859

  3. The shy but naughty look:
  4. 83176-2094-6005

  5. the outright provocative look:
  6. 53080

  7. the sporty tease look:
  8. 83067

  9. positively angelic look:
  10. 83104


So what would you be wearing this Halloween?

Till next time…Flaunt on!



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