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The Sexy Chick

Evey woman is a sexy chick! So to all you sexy and hot mothers out there:


Black Friday Survival 101

So you barely managed your way out of the stores yesterday? Well, Flaunt On Fashion has got some tips for you to help you make the next Black Friday not as stressful as the last one.

  1. Dress properly. Since you would most likely be standing outside stores as early as 5:00 am and you would need to fight your way through the crowd, you have to wear something you are comfortable in. This means flat shoes, jeans and a nice shirt that can help you move around fast. Black Friday shopping isn’t one of those days when you have the luxury to show off your fashion sense.
  2. If you are the type who do not like big crowds, you can till enjoy Black Friday by doing your shopping online. Whether it’s a sexy lingerie or the latest electronic gadgets, there are online sites that offer Black Friday discounts as well as great deals. What makes shopping online even more enjoyable is that you can easily check with sites such as if what you have is a great deal.
  3. Make sure you already have a list of items that you would like to buy. You cannot just go and shop and then decide which to buy as shops may run out of stocks. Aside from this, not knowing what you need to buy in advance can lead to unnecessary purchases.
  4. Have a game plan. Know what time store would be offering discounts. Plan also how you are going to get home and how you are going to manage all the items that you have brought.
  5. My Next Black Friday Mission

  6. Bring along your friend or any relative to accompany you in shopping. You can even split the list with you handling the clothes and those sexy wears while your relative or friend can go for those electronic gadgets you’ve been drooling over for months.
  7. Don’t shop around with a cart. This makes it hard for you to move around the store fast since you have to make your way through other carts.

So, ready for the next Black Friday?

Till next time, Flaunt On!


Thanksgiving Fashion

Thanksgiving Day means having to spend some time together with your folks.

Folks = your parents who every now and then nag you about what you wear during occasions like Thanksgiving.

So what how should you dress up for your Thanksgiving dinner with them?

  1. Save your sexy dresses for some other day. For your Thanksgiving dinner, make sure that you wear something conservative. If you cannot keep yourself from wearing something that will flaunt your curves, then go for a cashmere turtleneck sweater. That should do the trick.

    Save this for your hot date!

  2. Accessorize! Since you might be dining with some of your relatives, Thanksgiving would be a great excuse to wear those shiny pearls, silver earrings and diamonds that they have given you.
  3. And since you would be doing a lot of eating, make sure that you wear something that does not hug your waist tightly.

…and don’t forget to have the turkey cooked before your guests arrive!

…till next time…flaunt on!



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