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What Lingeries are Made Of

Definitely not dreams! Unfortunately, a number of women, and men, are not quite familiar with the different materials being used for lingerie. Here’s a primer on them.

There are actually three popular materials being used in lingerie since time immemorial. They include silk, satin and synthetic blends. Of these three, it is silk that is the most popular. It feels cool to the skin upon first touch but gradually warms up with your body heat in a matter of minutes. It is considered to be one of the nicest and softest material to touch human skin. Silk is also a very durable material and is oftentimes used in thongs, panties and chemise.

Satin, on the other hand, is very much like silk. The only difference is that satin tends to be more inexpensive than silk. It also has a shiny finish as opposed to the matte finish of silk. Satin is commonly used as the material for trimmings and bows.

The last material, synthetic blends, is usually made of cotton, rayon and latex. They are great materials for panties and bras as well as see-throughs as they prevent chaffing and irritation. They are often used as used in place of lace and can be worn on a regular basis.

Now that you know your different materials, you would be able to make a more informed choice.


Naughty at Work

Without appearing outlandish or too slutty, you can actually spice up your office attire and make everyday a sexy and naughty day at the office. Here are some tips on how you can do it:

  • One way to be sexy yet be able to report for work is to put on a classic pieces and combine them with pieces of chic and cheerful colors. Combine your regular office uniform with sexy glasses or put on a fitting pencil skirt together with your blazer and blouse.
  • Belts can give you the hourglass figure that you need to catch the eye of your colleagues.
  • Go for skirts over trousers. The former would give you a chance to show off your legs. This is aside from the fact that it definitely gives you a more feminine look.
  • Wrap dresses can be both classy and sexy. Make sure, however, that you wear a good set of bra to ensure that you accentuate all your curves.
  • Blouses and dresses with V-neck can be an attention-grabber especially if you have a nice collar bone. If you are not comfortable with dresses that have deep V-necks, partner it with a camisole of a complementing shade.

So ready to set you office on fire?


Lingerie Me Not

Oftentimes, when people talk about lingerie, the presumption is always that lingerie should be something worn underneath what you would wear on a regular day. Not man people are aware that you can actually wear certain lingerie types as your main piece of clothing.

  1. Your lace camisole can be worn as a primary office wear when partnered with a blazer or a jacket. The same goes for your chemise, bustier, and corset. You just need to make sure that you keep the jacket or blazer buttoned up.
  2. Combining your bra or camisole or chemise with a sheer blouse or jacket can also be sexy and stylish. Keep in mind, however, that your lingerie should not stand out. This can be done by ensuring that your jacket is of the same shade as your lingerie.
  3. If you need to wear very short skirt, partner it with black stockings or tights. This would tone down the look of your skirt without losing the sexy-ness.
  4. Have a sheer blouse that just looks to plain? Spice it up with a corset! Wear the corset on top of your blouse and, voila! You have an office attire that is stylish and not too sexy.
  5. If you’ve got a conservative looking babydoll that ends way past your waist, then you can pair this with a skinny jeans and some high heels.

So, are you ready to flaunt your stuff at the office?

Till next time, flaunt on!


It’s Kristen Stewart’s Birthday!

I think I can safely say that, one of the most enviable young stars today is Kristen Stewart. She officially turns 20 today. And for those who are sooo addicted to Bella’s look, here are some tips on how you can achieve it even if you are on a budget:

  • Bella’s look is an easy one. All you need is to have some V-neck sweatshirt over a loose skinny jeans. Bella is not  sexy wear so you might need to skip that one.
  • Shoes can either be kegs or converse. The simpler, the better.
  • Your make up should include light brown eye shadow, regular mascara on your lashes, light pink blush over your cheekbones, light lipstick with a lighter shade of lip gloss, and natural looking foundation.
  • It is also a good idea to stock up on chemise and boxers as these are Bella’s prefered sleeping time wardrobe.

So till next time, flaunt on!


Sexy Types of Lingerie

When one talks about lingerie, the first thing that comes to mind is bras and panties. In truth, sexy lingerie are more than that and you need to familiarize yourself with the different terms to be sure that you are getting what you want:

  • Baby Doll – a short gown that features a built-in bra-like cups and a flowing skirt that usually ends at the thigh area. It is usually made of sheer materials like silk or nylon.
  • Teddy – looks like a one-piece swimsuit. The difference, however, lies in the fact that teddys are made of lace, are low-cut and often has a thong back.
  • Bustier – a sexy strapless bra that extends up to the waist and features a garter strap. It usually is made of silk or any shiny material.
  • Camisole – a short top that ends at the waist. It can be worn under a sweater or an open jacket.
  • Chemise – as opposed to the camisole, the chemise ends somewhere above the knees. It usually has spaghetti-like straps that can be adjusted to suit your body length.
  • Corset – the unique feature of corsets is their stiffness and tight fit. The main idea behind corsets is to pinch the waist and lift the breasts in order to create the perfect hourglass figure. It can be adjusted by tying the laces at the back tighter or more loosely.

Now that you know the different types of sexy lingerie, you can now shop online safely.


Seduction 101

True love is worth the wait but it doesn’t mean that you would just sit in one corner and wait for the right guy to notice you. You also need to do your part. Here are some ways by which you can find the man of your dreams:

  1. You need to up your confidence level. As clichéd as it may sound, believing in yourself actually helps other people believe in what you’ve got. Your belief in yourself will show with how you establish eye contact, how warm you are when you are with a guy, and how you break down the barriers between you and your date.
  2. Not sexy!

  3. Dress sexy but make sure that you leave something for the guys’ imagination. If you want to go for a dress that’s mostly made of lace, make sure that you have a sexy camisole underneath. Dressing sexy also means proper fitting bras and panties. No loose bra straps or visible panty lines.
  4. Walk sexy. It helps if you can do this while wearing stilettos. Stilettos can highlight your legs and make you look taller. Plus guys find stilettos really sexy. Make sure, however, that you’ve got the right stockings to go with your stilettos.
  5. Appear innocent yet naughty. This can easily be done by wearing little make-up with red lipstick and mascara.
  6. Make sure you smell nice. A freshly shampooed hair combined with a hint of perfume can leave guys wanting more. Of course, for them to appreciate your smell better, you have to make sure that you sit close to your guy and touch him playfully every once in a while.

Now, what happens next is up to you.


I’m Bringing Sexy Back!

I don’t know about you but these part few days have really been hectic ones. So hectic that I’ve forgotten how to look and feel sexy about myself.

All is not lost, however, as I am bringing sexy back!

Now, in order to make sure that you are at your sexiest even when you are just in your jeans and shirt, you have to remember the following:

  1. Wearing stilettos is the fastest and easiest way to look taller and to highlight your gams.
  2. Need to show your hourglass figure when wearing loose clothes? Use a belt. This instant figure-makers also make it easy for you to hide unnecessary curves.
  3. A good way to catch a guy’s attention is to make sure that you don a sexy wear that shows off some skin most particularly the neck and collar bone area, the arms, the legs, and the knees. If you want to go even sexier, you can opt for clothes made of lace and then wear a body-hugging camisole underneath.
  4. You do not have to be Angelina Jolie to have pouty lips. Nothing says sexy than red lipstick. Make sure, however, that your make-up is light and does not take away attention from your lips.
  5. Accessories have power. This does not mean that you need to put on every piece of jewelry, however. All you have to do is pull your hair up and wear a pair of shoulder-duster earrings.

Yes, the sexy ME is back! Flaunt on!



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