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Buying Sexy Lingerie Online

Even though people do most of their transactions online, there are still few who doubt its capability for security and confidentiality of information. There is a small group of people, however, who see online shopping as their only way to get what they need without necessarily having to reveal themselves – people buying sexy lingerie.

Sexy Valentines Day Lingerie

However, buying lingerie online can be quite challenging. Here are some tips to make your online shopping a breeze:

  1. Make sure that you know your size. Since you would not be able to try on the lingerie, you have to be sure about your size. This is aside from the fact that poorly fitting clothes can cause discomfort.
  2. Check out several sites before making your purchase. Take into consideration their delivery or shipping terms, presence of contact numbers, return policies. Since you would not be able to try the lingerie before making the purchase, the online store should have a comprehensive return policy.
  3. Verify if the online store has a secured way of handling payments. Make sure you also that you read their privacy policy. Keep in mind that, in making the payment, you would most likely have to disclose certain information. The online shop, should, therefore, have a secure way of handling these information.
  4. As much as possible, use a credit card instead of a debit card as the former offers more protection against fraudulent sellers.

Now that you know how you can safely shop online, log on and get that bra and panty set you’ve been meaning to buy.


What Evey Woman Should Have

Building your wardrobe when you are on a budget can be tough. There is, however, a way to do it – building your wardrobe with an assortment of basic clothing pieces for any occasion:

  1. Your wardrobe should have a couple of slacks in dark shades. Black as well as navy blue slacks can be worn with tops of any color.
  2. Make sure that you have a pencil-cut skirt, an A-line skirt, and a regular skirt.
  3. Having two pairs of jeans is also a good idea. One should be for days when you have flat shoes on, and the other one for those days when you are wearing high heels.
  4. The black dress is another clothing piece that you should have. This little black dress never goes out of style and is perfect for clubbing as well as dinner dates.
  5. The Classic White Shirt

  6. A classic white shirt goes well with any pants or skirt. Make sure, however, that it highlights your best feature.
  7. Keeping a jacket in your wardrobe is also a good idea. Go for those that have fitted shapes in order to accentuate your curves more.
  8. You should also keep with you at least 5 pairs of shoes – one that has 3″ to 5″ inches of heels, one made from a shiny material for those night-outs, a pair of boots, a pair of rubber shoes, and flats.
  9. Lastly, you need to have the right kind of lingerie. You need to have a couple of bras and panties for different activities. Make sure that they fit well.

Til next time, flaunt on!


The Perfect Pair

One of the most common mistakes that most women make is the tendency to buy the first cute panty that they come across. It doesn’t help that there are a number of different types and designs of panties out in the market today.

So how should you go about finding the right one?

  1. Consider what your needs are. This means that you have to take a look at your wardrobe and check the type of clothes that you have. Would you be regularly using panties with a tight skirt or do you usually wear flowing ones? You also need to consider what your regular activities are. Thongs are great for night-outs in sexy dresses while seamless panties are great for those tight fitting pants.
  2. Make sure you go for the right material. Cotton panties are great for regular use while satin and lace are perfect for steamy nights with your loved one.
  3. Diamonds and other embellishments maybe great if you would like to show off your panties but may not be as amusing if you are wearing tight pants or skirts.
  4. Use your panties to highlight your assets and hide those unwanted curves.
  5. Lastly, just like in picking the right bra, make sure that you have the correct measurements. Panties that are too tight can cause you great discomfort not to mention ugly marks on your skin while loosely fitting ones can cause it to ride up your crotch.

So, ready to do your panty-shopping? Til next time, flaunt on!


Sexy Lingerie: Tips To Buying Online

Technology has brought many changes in the way we do things, even touching on how people shop. One good thing about this is that people who need to shop for their lingerie can now do so at the privacy and comfort of their home. But how can you make buying lingerie online a worthwhile experience?

  1. Make sure that you know your body size. Some of the most important measurements that you would need to know include your bust size (including cup size) and your waist and hip measurement. Your bust size would be extremely useful when you are picking out bras, babydolls and corsets and camisoles.
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  3. Be familiar with the different materials in the market. A number of lingerie can come in cotton, lycra, silk and satin. Go for the one you are most comfortable in.
  4. Get to know the different kinds of lingerie available in the market and go for the one that is most suited to you. Be ready to deal with sheer babydolls, crotchless panties, and bustless bra.
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  6. Make sure that you are familiar with the store’s shipping and return policy most especially if you are ordering internationally.
  7. Read reviews. This would give you an idea on how reliable an online shop is when it comes to the quality of the products as well as the promptness of delivery and the quality of customer service.

Ready…get set…SHOP!

Til next time! Flaunt On!



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