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Lingerie Me Not

Oftentimes, when people talk about lingerie, the presumption is always that lingerie should be something worn underneath what you would wear on a regular day. Not man people are aware that you can actually wear certain lingerie types as your main piece of clothing.

  1. Your lace camisole can be worn as a primary office wear when partnered with a blazer or a jacket. The same goes for your chemise, bustier, and corset. You just need to make sure that you keep the jacket or blazer buttoned up.
  2. Combining your bra or camisole or chemise with a sheer blouse or jacket can also be sexy and stylish. Keep in mind, however, that your lingerie should not stand out. This can be done by ensuring that your jacket is of the same shade as your lingerie.
  3. If you need to wear very short skirt, partner it with black stockings or tights. This would tone down the look of your skirt without losing the sexy-ness.
  4. Have a sheer blouse that just looks to plain? Spice it up with a corset! Wear the corset on top of your blouse and, voila! You have an office attire that is stylish and not too sexy.
  5. If you’ve got a conservative looking babydoll that ends way past your waist, then you can pair this with a skinny jeans and some high heels.

So, are you ready to flaunt your stuff at the office?

Till next time, flaunt on!


Love of My Life

It’s not February but I still think it’s a good day to talk about relationships. Oftentimes, married people, over the course of time, lose interest with their better half. Here are some tips to keep the love burning:

  1. No matter what happens, never stop communicating with your partner. You have to keep in mind that, at the end of the day, it is your partner who would be there for you and who would understand you.
  2. When was the last time you were out on a date? Make sure that you spend some time alone with your partner away from the worries of running the household and putting the children to sleep. Relive your life when the two of you were still dating.

    2 PC Lace Tie Front Peek-A-Boo Baby Doll

  3. Have some sexy time together. Ladies, it’s okay to be daring with your husband. Put on your sexiest baby dolls and heat up your husband’s night. Another way would be to live out your fantasies using sexy costumes. Nothing says sexy than you in a nurse’s uniform or a police officer’s uniform.
  4. Never let money be an issue. Financial problems including bills will always be a part of life. Don’t take it out on each other. A better way to handle this is for both of you to sit down and plan how you’re going to make ends meet and still have some for emergency cases.
  5. Lastly, never tire of praising each other and saying “I love you”. However, you have to make sure that you mean it; otherwise, you would not feel any satisfaction.

So, ready to keep the fire burning?

Flaunt on!


Sexy Types of Lingerie

When one talks about lingerie, the first thing that comes to mind is bras and panties. In truth, sexy lingerie are more than that and you need to familiarize yourself with the different terms to be sure that you are getting what you want:

  • Baby Doll – a short gown that features a built-in bra-like cups and a flowing skirt that usually ends at the thigh area. It is usually made of sheer materials like silk or nylon.
  • Teddy – looks like a one-piece swimsuit. The difference, however, lies in the fact that teddys are made of lace, are low-cut and often has a thong back.
  • Bustier – a sexy strapless bra that extends up to the waist and features a garter strap. It usually is made of silk or any shiny material.
  • Camisole – a short top that ends at the waist. It can be worn under a sweater or an open jacket.
  • Chemise – as opposed to the camisole, the chemise ends somewhere above the knees. It usually has spaghetti-like straps that can be adjusted to suit your body length.
  • Corset – the unique feature of corsets is their stiffness and tight fit. The main idea behind corsets is to pinch the waist and lift the breasts in order to create the perfect hourglass figure. It can be adjusted by tying the laces at the back tighter or more loosely.

Now that you know the different types of sexy lingerie, you can now shop online safely.


Buying Lingerie For Your Woman


This post is basically for the guys out there who would like to surprise their woman. If you’re out there and at a lost on how you can get the right lingerie for your loved one, then here are some things that you might want to keep in mind:

  1. Make sure you know what her size is. You have two options on this – either you ask her outright what her size is or check in a subtle way her bra size as well as her panty size. Shopping for a lingerie without knowing your woman’s measurements would lead to problems later on.
  2. Consider first why you’re buying her a lingerie. For example, if you’re on the hunt for the right thong, ask yourself whether you want her to wear it throughout the day or just for your sexy bedroom time. This would help you determine which material and style to go for.
  3. Ask yourself what your partner’s greatest asset is and then look for a lingerie that would highlight it. If she has great abs, why not have her show it off with a baby doll? If your gal has a fuller bosom, go for bras that provide support. If she has a small bust, on the other hand, go for those that have cookies or padding.
  4. Have in mind her body type when shopping for a lingerie. If she tends to be on the plus-size side, get her lingerie in dark colors. This provides a slimming effect and would be able to highlight her other curves more.
  5. Don’t forget to pair your gift with a matching accessory. This would give the impression that you are really into pleasing her instead of pleasing just your eyes.

Make sure that you give your surprise in the most romantic way possible. We’re talking here of ose petals and personalized gift boxes.

So..til next time!


Plus Size Sexy!

Time and again, experts have said that being sexy is all in the mind. If you think you are one helluva sexy lady, then you are. Although most people still feel that “plus size” and “sexy wear” is something that do not mix together, a sexy lingerie is still something that you should not scrimp on.

If you are a plus size, here are some tips to keep in mind when buying your own sexy wear:

  1. Know your body well. This means knowing which parts of you can be considered an asset and which parts you need to direct attention to less. For example, if you have wider hips, you might want to consider investing in some babydolls.
  2. Make sure that you only go for plus size lingerie that you are comfortable wearing. Keep in mind that the first step to feeling sexy is being comfortable and confident with yourself.
  3. Choose lingerie that are black or in dark shades. This creates a slimming effect to the body.
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  5. See through lingerie can make anyone feel sexy, regardless of body size. Get one in your favorite shade and see the wonders it can do.
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  7. To make sure that your lingerie fits you well, don’t buy one-piece ones. Go for those that offer a separate top and a separate panties, etc. That way, you can be sure that both pieces will fit you.

So, till next time! Flaunt On!



Fashionista Speak

Last time we talked about what you need to do in order to set yourself as a fashionista. Well, here are some terminologies that you need to be familiar in order to be a sexy fashionista:

Baby Doll – A nightgown with a hem that ends below the hip. It is usually longer than a crop top, but shorter than a chemise


Bandeau or Tube Top – a band-shaped top

Bikini – a small, close-fitting two-piece swim suit.

Bikini Pantypanties that offer full coverage in front and back. Usually has high-cut sides

Boning – sheathed plastic strips sewn into the garment to provide garment support and body shape

Boy-legShorts, undergarments, or swimwear having closely fitted legs. Usually reaches up to the start of the thigh.

Bustier – a sleeveless, strapless top or dress that is held in place by boning or by an elastic or stretch fabrics.

Camisole – a fitted top with spaghetti straps. Can be worn along or as a layer.

Chemise – A short night gown ending between he hip and the knee. It usually has thin spaghetti straps with the upper part fitting nicely in the bust area but with the lower part flowing freely past the hips.

Demi bra– a bra that leaves the top of the bustline exposed. Best matched with low-cut tops and dresses

Halter Top – a sleeveless bodice that has a wrap-neck style and is usually backless.

Lycra – the brand of spandex stretch material manufactured by DuPont

Maillot– a one-piece swim wear that comes with snap-on straps as well as a scoop, square or sweetheart neckline

Peek-A-Boo – a cut in a garment that reveals skin

String – a thong panty

Tanga – a high-cut panty

Thong Panties  – panties that have a single strap back, V-shaped front and elastic waist


Now that you know your fashion terms, you can now conquer the world.

Till next time…Flaunt On!



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