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It seems like the cast of The Jersey Shore is everywhere these days!  Whether they’re getting busted for unruly conduct or dancing with the stars in skin tight rhinestone leotards, one just can’t deny the fact that America’s favorite guidettes and guidos are pure entertainment.

Halloween costumes have always reflected current trends and what’s abuzz in popular culture.  So, I wasn’t a bit surprised to see the prevalence of Jersey Shore inspired costumes this year.  However, rather than go out and spend some serious dough, you can get resourceful and transform into your favorite guidette or guido for a fraction of the price.

For instance, here’s how to dress up as Snooki, America’s Favorite Guidette:

1.  No need for a wig.  For the one of a kind “Snooki” mile-high hair, purchase a set of Bumpits $5.99

Snooki costume

Snooki costume

2.  The petite guidette wears lingerie practically all the time.  So, why not buy your favorite lingerie from, save a bundle and be able to use it for future events?  Below are some of my favorite Snooki inspired pieces:

Strapless Teddy with Boning

Strapless Teddy with Boning

Strapless V Cut Lace Bustier with G-String Set

Strapless V Cut Lace Bustier with G-String Set

Mini Dress with Scalloped Flower Lace Trim

Mini Dress with Scalloped Flower Lace Trim

3.  Purchase a pair of sexy stilettos

Satin Shoe with Thorn Heel

4.  GET A TAN!!!!

5.  You are ready to party, Jersey Shore style!

‘Till next time, Flaunt On!


Fashion Tips & Tricks For The Plus Size

Most plus-size women oftentimes think that they cannot don sexy dresses. In reality, being sexy is all in the mind. There are actually a number of ways by which one can be sexy without really having to undergo expensive medical treatments. Here are some of them:

  1. Choose clothes with darker shades. These types of clothes create the a slimming effect to the body.
  2. Another way would be to go for clothes with vertical lines. They create the illusion of height giving you a slimmer and taller look.
  3. Avoid getting clothes that have a lot of big designs. They have a tendency to highlight more your size. Instead, choose those that are in plain colors or do not have big prints in them.
  4. Wear the right bra. If you happen to have big breasts, go for bras that have underwires to provide support. On the other hand, if you tend to be on the small side, using bras with cookies can help give you better cleavage.
  5. Be careful with buying skirts that end at the knees. Although most people think that short skirts can be sexy, they really are not recommended especially if you happen to have short and plus size legs. Instead, go for slacks or A-line skirts that end below the knees.

So, ready to look sexy?

‘Til next time, flaunt on!


Plus-size With No Worries!

When it comes to being a plus-size, one of the many things that women worry about is finding the right plus-size bra. Here are some tips to keep in mind:

  • Plus size means you need to get a bra that could provide support. Go for those that have underwires in order to give your breasts the lift that they need.
  • Make sure that you are wearing the right size. Bras that are too big tend to have slipping straps. If, however, the cup size is too big, then you would end up with a crumpled bra under your shirt. Bras that are too small, on the other hand, would usually have underspills when you raise your arms. Of course, getting the right size means getting the correct measurement of your bust area first.
  • For bras with underwire, if it keep on moving from the center of your chest, you might need to increase the cup size.
  • Do not be ashamed to go for full cups nor should you try fitting on bras that are one size smaller than what your real size just because you think plus-size bras are ugly. Nowadays, there are online stores that offer great and sexy designs.

Having a full figure does not mean that you can no longer be sexy. Oftentimes, it is just about finding the right clothes, and lingerie, to wear.

Til next time, flaunt on!


Looking Sexy In A Plus-Size

Believe it or not, sexy-ness has nothing to do with your body size. It’s all about how you carry yourself and how you feel about yourself. If you are a plus size, however, this may seem to be a bit hard to do so we’ve come up with some tips on how you can be sexy even if you are a plus size:

  1. Make sure that you have at least a well-fitting bra and a matching panty. As much as possible, have a separate bra and panty for office work and for flaunting on. Pick a set for the former based on how easily it will allow you to move around. For the latter, pick a set that accentuated your assets. If you are well endowed, go for bras that offer support and highlights your cleavage.
  2. Get a pair of hosiery that fits your legs and thighs. Go for black as this color has been proven to provide a slimming effect.
  3. If you happen to have the right curves, invest in some good teddies and corsets. These lingerie can help give the form that your body needs.
  4. Once you are already comfortable with wearing teddies and corsets, you can move on to buying peek-a-boos and sheer baby dolls. Remember to get one that highlights the right curves. Baby dolls are great for those that have big hips.
  5. Now, put on your high heels and flaunt on!

Plus Size Sexy!

Time and again, experts have said that being sexy is all in the mind. If you think you are one helluva sexy lady, then you are. Although most people still feel that “plus size” and “sexy wear” is something that do not mix together, a sexy lingerie is still something that you should not scrimp on.

If you are a plus size, here are some tips to keep in mind when buying your own sexy wear:

  1. Know your body well. This means knowing which parts of you can be considered an asset and which parts you need to direct attention to less. For example, if you have wider hips, you might want to consider investing in some babydolls.
  2. Make sure that you only go for plus size lingerie that you are comfortable wearing. Keep in mind that the first step to feeling sexy is being comfortable and confident with yourself.
  3. Choose lingerie that are black or in dark shades. This creates a slimming effect to the body.
  4. 8728q

  5. See through lingerie can make anyone feel sexy, regardless of body size. Get one in your favorite shade and see the wonders it can do.
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  7. To make sure that your lingerie fits you well, don’t buy one-piece ones. Go for those that offer a separate top and a separate panties, etc. That way, you can be sure that both pieces will fit you.

So, till next time! Flaunt On!




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