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Having Fun While Being Hot

There are a number of women who find it hard to combine being sexy with the idea of pure, clean fun when it comes to buying and wearing costumes for the Halloween. Here are some ways that you can be sexy without actually feeling skanky (and have pure, clean fun in the process):

  1. No matter what your costume is, make sure that it fits right. Although it might be tempting to wear something tight just so you would look sexy, keep in mind that doing so might even make you feel more uncomfortable.
  2. Make sure that you style your hair based on whatever costume that you have. There are some online shops that offer hair accessories that complement whatever your costume you are wearing.
  3. Highlight your features and create more drama with the right make-up. Having the right make-up can even help you in playing the part and reinforcing your costume’s theme.
  4. Since your costume alone would not be able to do everything for you, make sure you complete your look with the right costume accessories. This would include even the bag that you would be using.

Now that you’ve got the look down pat, all you have to do is flaunt on and do your sexy stuff wearing whatever costume you have.


It seems like the cast of The Jersey Shore is everywhere these days!  Whether they’re getting busted for unruly conduct or dancing with the stars in skin tight rhinestone leotards, one just can’t deny the fact that America’s favorite guidettes and guidos are pure entertainment.

Halloween costumes have always reflected current trends and what’s abuzz in popular culture.  So, I wasn’t a bit surprised to see the prevalence of Jersey Shore inspired costumes this year.  However, rather than go out and spend some serious dough, you can get resourceful and transform into your favorite guidette or guido for a fraction of the price.

For instance, here’s how to dress up as Snooki, America’s Favorite Guidette:

1.  No need for a wig.  For the one of a kind “Snooki” mile-high hair, purchase a set of Bumpits $5.99

Snooki costume

Snooki costume

2.  The petite guidette wears lingerie practically all the time.  So, why not buy your favorite lingerie from, save a bundle and be able to use it for future events?  Below are some of my favorite Snooki inspired pieces:

Strapless Teddy with Boning

Strapless Teddy with Boning

Strapless V Cut Lace Bustier with G-String Set

Strapless V Cut Lace Bustier with G-String Set

Mini Dress with Scalloped Flower Lace Trim

Mini Dress with Scalloped Flower Lace Trim

3.  Purchase a pair of sexy stilettos

Satin Shoe with Thorn Heel

4.  GET A TAN!!!!

5.  You are ready to party, Jersey Shore style!

‘Till next time, Flaunt On!


Getting to Know Your Babydoll

2 PC Lace Tie Front Peek-A-Boo Baby Doll

Today’s sexy fashion has exposed more and more people to the different kinds of lingerie. Unfortunately, not much people are really familiar with how sexy lingeries came to be.

Take the case of babydolls. Very few people are aware that the name “babydoll” was inspired by a movie of the same name which starred Carroll Baker as a 19-year-old nymphet.

Babydolls first came into the public’s eye in the late 1930’s and early 1940’s. During that time, babydolls were made of lace-trimmed bed jacket. The hemlines is usually six inches bove the knee. From then on, babydolls became a part of fashionable day wear.

Lately, however, women have found a better way of wearing the babydoll – as a lingerie. Instead of a bed jacket, sheer and see-through materials were used. A number of babydolls even feature bra cups as well as matching panties. They can also be a bit shorter with most ending near the buttocks.

Many fashion experts believe that the babydoll would be around for a long time. So, if you are looking for a way to make your nights sizzle, then go get yourself some babydoll!

Till next time, flaunt on!


The 5 Body Shapes

One of the reasons why most women are having a hard time finding clothes that would actually highlight the right curves is that they are not aware what their body type is. Here is a primer on what the different body types are.

There are actually 5 body types – pear, inverted triangle, rectangle, apple,a and hourglass. All these types are based on the size and shape of the torso. For example, a pear body shape usually features a well-defined waist, a hip-line that’s broader than the bust and the shoulders, and a fuller and rounded butt. The pear body shape is considered to be the woman’s natural body shape. Best clothes for this body shape include those with wide necklines, any kind of jeans, jackets that end above the hips, and A-line skirts.

On the other hand, an inverted triangle body is characterized by broader bust and shoulder area as compared to the hips, slim legs, and smaller butt. Tops with spaghetti straps can help accentuate the broad shoulders. You might also want to add volume to your hips by wearing flaring skirts.

Women with a rectangular body usually have shoulders and hip-line that are of the same size. They would also usually have little waist definition. If you have this body shape, you can add dimension to your shape by defining your waistline with a wide belt. U-necks and V-neck sexy dresses or tops partnered withh any kind of jean ought to balance also the look.

The Apple body shape is characterized by a round and slightly wider waist area although the waistline can be a bit undefined. Women who have an apple body shape also have hips and butt that are round and full. Patterned skirts and pants can make the hips and but look a bit smaller. Corsets and body shapers are also perfect for creating a more balanced look.

Lastly, the hourglass figure is characterized by bust and shoulder area that has the same size as the hips. The wasitline is also well defined.


Everyday Sexy!

Being sexy does not necessarily mean that you have to be wearing thongs and corsets on a daily basis. Oftentimes, simple combinations of the right clothes can make someone sexy. Here are some tips on how you can come up with your own sexy look:

  1. Regardless of what you are wearing, a subtle hint of red on your lips and nails can be flirty without really being slutty. It is also a good idea to put on some perfume. Shampooing your hair and brushing your teeth are not just signs of good hygiene but can also be sexy.
  2. Instead of wearing dark-colored sexy dresses, why not try putting on cashmere and silk in light and delicate colors? You can make this even more flirty by pairing it with animal prints.
  3. Not the type to wear tight mini dresses? Even a shirt and a pair of jeans can look sexy! All you have to do is make sure that you pair a loose shirt with a skinny jeans and the right pair of shoes, and you’re off to go!
  4. Show off your curves with a wrap dress or a spaghetti top. Partner these off with a pair of sexy shoes – slingbacks, suede shoes, etc.

So, till next time, flaunt on!


Tips for Choosing A Corset

Although corsets have been in the market for quite some time, many people are still taken by its ability to make them look sexier and edgier in a matter of minutes. However, not all corsets that cross your path are a good value for your money. Here are some tips to keep in mind so you won’t get ripped off when you go and buy your own corset:

  1. Know the difference between a corset and a bodice. Oftentimes, people get confused between the two. A bodice usually features a plastic boning while a true corset would most probably have a steel boning.
  2. Go for a corset with a strong fabric even if you would not be tight lacing. This would ensure that your corset would not just rip at the most importune moments.
  3. Choose a corset that has steel busk for fastening the front. This is the only material that is strong enough to hold the corset together.
  4. Lastly, make sure that you choose a corset about 4 sizes smaller than your waistline. Keep in mind that corsets are measured based on waist line and not dress size. It is also a good idea to try on a corset before buying them to be sure that you can move comfortably around while wearing them.

So, till next time, flaunt on!


That’s Lady Gaga!

And she’s proven that there really is only one Lady Gaga!

Yesterday, during the opener of a day-night doubleheader between the New York Mets and San Diego Padres, Lady Gaga, dressed in bejewelled bra and panty set, left her seat and proceeded to flash a dirty finger.

The singer, known for her outrageous but sexy wears, seemed to have had enough of the paparazzi following her.

The New York Mets has since released an apologetic statement for having dragged Jerry Seinfeld’s name since it was his VIP box that Lady Gaga was using when the incident happened.



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