Dressing Up For A Hot Date

Going out on a hot date can be nerve-wrecking especially if you don’t know what clothes to wear. Good thing we’re here to rescue you! Here are some things that you might want to keep in mind to make your hot date a truly HOT one:

  1. Make sure that you wear clothes you are most comfortable in. Regardless of what kind of date you are going to, being yourself allows your inner beauty to shine. You cannot do this if what you are wearing is too tight or is not really something that you would wear on a regular occasion.
  2. Highlight your assets and hide your unnecessary curves. If you tend to be on the plus side, go for dark colors as this creates the illusion of being slim. If you are a bit on the thin side, go for bright colors and prints. Go for a short sexy skirt if you have long legs. Show off your cleavage and nice collar bone with a V-neck sexy wear but make sure you leave something for his imagination.
  3. Accessorize! Do not overdo it, however. A few complementing pieces would do.
  4. Get a good pair of shoes. If you have long legs or would like to create an illusion of being tall, go for stilettos. Make sure that you have on a good pair of stockings in a shade that complements your wear as well as your accessories. You can skip the stockings if you would be going for an open-toed sandal.
  5. Lastly, make sure that you smell nice – shampoo your hair, brush your teeth and put on a light perfume.

There you have it. Have fun with your date and make sure that you BE YOURSELF!

Till next time…flaunt on!

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