Walking The Red Carpet

Whether it’s a formal launching of a new product or just an evening for socializing with the rich and the famous, dressing up for the red carpet can be quite daunting. Well, except if you keep the following things in mind:

  1. Check whether you would be attending a cocktail affair or a formal black-tie affair. The latter usually means that you have to don full-length skirts.
  2. Skip the glitzy, attention-grabbing dress. Instead, go for a sexy wear that exudes elegance and class. Make sure that the cut and style of the dress highlights your asset.
  3. Accessorize but make sure that the colors match your dress. A small evening bag would do. Limit your jewelry as too much can be a turn off.
  4. To wear or not to wear a stocking? This would depend on what kind of shoes you have. Even the color of your stocking would depend on what the color of your shoes are. As a rule, do not go for stockings that are darker than the color of your shoes.
  5. Give particular attention to your hair but do not overdo the hair accessories. Sometimes, a simple bun would do.

So, til next time! Flaunt on!

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